Even in the wake of tremendous innovation in the AV space, there will always be room for more “conventional” systems, meaning systems that still rely on video extenders and other more traditional technology.

More than anything, these systems will play a role in providing AV solutions for those unwilling to take the leap or interested in smaller, simpler solutions that fit more into the traditional idea of what an AV system is.

The only catch is that these systems still need remote links or some other way for the integrator to provide the same level of service they would for more forward-looking systems.

Wireless control is another big topic in the world of Pro AV. The biggest obstacle many integrators face is helping potential clients understand that the Wi-Fi that powers the innovative systems of today isn’t the same they have in their homes, where they’re often used to resetting it every now and again for optimal performance.

Commercial-grade Wi-Fi doesn’t come with such drawbacks. Instead, it’s a robust solution that’s allowing integrators like Mad Systems to bring to market much more exciting and scalable solutions that elevate content and personalization in consumer experiences and beyond.

Many solutions can also operate via wired connection, further putting at ease those still harboring “Wi-Fi prejudice.”

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