The things that are possible with innovative, cutting-edge AV solutions get more impressive every day. They’re empowering new forms of content, new levels of personalization, and presentations and experiences we used to only dream of.

But, as Mad Systems puts it, it’s not magic – it’s real potential, right here, right now – though the company is in “the business of creating magic.”

That means that integrators and innovators like Mad need to remain at the forefront of innovation in order to keep pace with the shifting landscape of consumer and enterprise expectations.

Solutions like those that Mad Systems just received a patent for may not alter the face of the industry overnight, but they certainly provide a spark that leads to other innovations and collaboration in search of continued elevation of what is possible.

One of the most exciting possibilities that innovations in AV opens the door to is the potential for new forms of content to enhance experiences – though that content will still come from the same places it did before.

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