Unlocking the Power of Core Studio and Dash

March 31, 2023


On this installment of “Lessons from an Audio Guy“, Chuck Espinoza goes over how Core Studio and Dash are designed to be easy to use.

What everyone should keep in mind about Core Studio and Dash is the ease of use. It really is. I know we always say that it’s easy to use, it’s easy to use, you open it up, it’s hard to use. It’s hard to use if you don’t have the right path to go down. But once you get on the right path, it’s like a snowball. It starts getting bigger and bigger and easier and easier. Everything is meant to be easy to use. Dash opens up like a standard app that you would use for any console.

It’s very quick, but it’s also very flexible. So it’s like that closed architecture DSP where you open it up, everything’s there, it’s quick to use. But like an open architecture, you can move things around and customize it when you have more time. Core Studio, one of the great things about Core Studio is I, as a novice programmer, one of the things I don’t like is switching between programs for my user interface and my control code and having to do a certain button number with an instance ID and matching them up. With Core Studio, it’s all right there.

We try and make it very, very simple, very easy to use. So once you go through the Core Studio and Dash training, most people say the same thing, like, wow, that was a piece of cake. Just knowing the right sequence to start off with and just get it rolling, that was the hard part. Once I got it rolling, it’s great. So Core Studio and Dash, biggest features are easy use functionality and just that, you know, open API JavaScript with Core Studio. You don’t have to learn a special alien language in hieroglyphics. It’s just straight old JavaScript. And if you can do a webpage, you can program your control system.

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