Vistacom Tech Expo 2023: Unveiling Pexip’s Seamless Video Communication Solutions

November 3, 2023


As Vistacom Tech Expo 2023 commemorates its 15th anniversary, it opens its stage again for trailblazers in the tech industry, providing a platform to unfold novel solutions. In a series of booth interviews, attendees get a closer look at the burgeoning innovations in the Audio-Visual (AV) realm, probing into the advancements that will bolster communication and collaboration across various sectors.

In this illuminating Vistacom booth interview, Tim Holmes, Senior Account Director with Pexip, delineates the essence of Pexip’s offerings – bridging interoperability in meeting platforms for standard-based devices like Cisco and Poly. The spotlight shines on RealWear headsets, designed to extend a virtual eye into field operations, allowing for real-time sharing of visual information. Holmes elaborates on Pexip’s tailored solutions across public, federal, enterprise, and healthcare sectors, underlining the global outreach and customization that Pexip brings.

Furthermore, Holmes accentuates Pexip’s strive to simplify video calls to the ease of a phone call with just a button push. Showcasing a standard SIP-based video conferencing system integrated into Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings, Holmes exemplifies the versatility and ease of Pexip’s video communication solutions. The RealWear headset, as demonstrated, holds potential for myriad use cases, from remote technical support in manufacturing to critical field evaluations in energy or communication sectors.

This engaging dialogue with Tim Holmes underscores Pexip’s mission to streamline video engagements across diverse operational landscapes, embodying the spirit of innovation that Vistacom Tech Expo 2023 encapsulates.

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