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January 1, 2023
irfan ullah

IHSC uses customer feedback to enhance our video wall management software, TRX. With TRX, users can easily send any information to any display in their organization using a drag-and-drop interface. We have integrated with IHSC’s KVM switch based on customer input. Our goal is to simplify content management further, and our control panel enables users to change layouts and display various content types, including IHSC’s KVM switch, cameras, and websites, with a single touch.

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improved usable range
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  Improved usable range extends communication across various industries. Icom’s latest video highlights a significant advancement in radio technology that improves usable range, offered through NXDN™ 6.25 kHz radios compared to traditional 12.5 kHz models. The video explains how NXDN radios, operating at 6.25 kHz, provide a more usable signal over the same distance as […]

multipath resilience
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  6.25 kHz radios offer an advantage in multipath resilience. In radio communication, multipath interference is a significant challenge, often leading to signal distortion and loss. This Icom video looks at the advantages of 6.25 kHz radios, particularly their resilience to multipath interference. The video delves into the technicalities of multipath interference – a phenomenon […]

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In this episode of Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas brings together Chris Neto, Jimmy Vaughan, and Dan Vollmayer for a discussion on the parallels between professional wrestling and the world of B2B. This unusual combination reveals significant insights into personal branding and content strategy. Chris Neto, a self-proclaimed wrestling fanboy, discusses how wrestling’s narrative-driven […]