A Diversity of Designs Create A Whole World of Fun

For children, play is just as critical as good nutrition and education in their overall development. In an urbanized, digitized, and overweight world, playgrounds promote childhood health and community in a culture that seems to have forgotten these qualities. Sensory development, creativity, social experiences, and movement must be part of the child’s daily routine.

Today’s playgrounds are more creative and child-focused than ever before. Themed playgrounds, for example, are a popular trend. When a child plays, they can feel like they are spending a day on a tropical island or perhaps even hurling into outer space. In these play areas, children are encouraged to see each piece of equipment in their own unique way or even customize pieces to their liking. Modern developers have also begun to incorporate the concept of inclusiveness and are designing equipment such that children of all ability levels and challenges can equally participate.

The playground gurus at PLAYTIME care about the diverse needs of children and make it their priority to offer a wide range of unique styles, all designed to reimagine your space and create immersive experiences. One design does not fit all, and PLAYTIME is here to help you find creative solutions that harness the power of play. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s creative process, and five different style approaches.

Cartoon designs can reflect a diversity of appearances and are mostly gloss-finished. Here, children can travel from one tangible idea to the next and encounter imaginative creatures and objects in a highly engaging format. In this amusing style, PLAYTIME has connected play to imagination and encouraged children to embrace the possibilities.

Whimsical designs can capture the essence of play and reflect the classic styles of the former generation. This style features a neutral carpet color that allows the colorful equipment to take center stage. PLAYTIME fuses the elements together in an immersive environment, creating a warm and inviting space that feels familiar and comforting, yet still distinctive.

  • The elements of the semi-realistic designs are faithful to real life and incorporate virtual color and accurate paint details. These intricate details blended into a fun and playful backdrop create a setting in which children can feel genuinely at home. PLAYTIME stimulates the senses and creates opportunities for exploration and creative thinking by encouraging each child to create their own world in a space that mimics the real world.
  • The stylized designs are simpler than other designs and incorporate more generalized features. The minimized details offer a sophisticated look in which the focus can become high-energy play. PLAYTIME creates a setting in which heavy details take a backseat to the imagination of each unique child, and the stylized design serves as an important building block of creativity.
  • Shape, form, color, and line create a visual language. The abstract designs allow each child to use these components to write their own story and to engage in play that is independent from visual references of the world. PLAYTIME crafts an unstructured environment to foster free play and make believe, strengthening each child’s intellectual, social, and physical development.

PLAYTIME’s five unique style options and creative processes speak to the specific needs of each and every client. As the global leader of interactive indoor, outdoor, and water play, we know how to create worlds that encourage imagination, confidence, and community. If you dream it, we can build It.

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