Bauer Built’s Tire Tips to Keep Summertime Road Trips on Track

Summer’s in full swing. Time to hit the highway with family and friends for planned adventures and spontaneous fun. With so much to do and see on the horizon in front of you, don’t let an unforeseen vehicle mishap derail your much-anticipated road trip. This means paying close attention to the details and mechanics of your ride, particularly your tires.

While year-round maintenance of your tires is always recommended, elevated summer temperatures take a toll on tires, causing rubber to break down faster.

Bauer Built Tire & Service, an industry leader in tire sales and service, wants to ensure your road trip stays on track this summer with tire and safety tips sure to keep you rolling.

Before you go, check your flow:

Improperly inflated tires can result in poor gas mileage, uneven, accelerated wear, structural damage, and worse, tire failure.

  • Tire pressure, including the spare, should be checked before a long trip and after every 1,000 miles traveled
  • Tire pressure should be checked when “cold”, and any additional air needed should also be added when “cold” (cold = parked for at least three hours)
  • Keep a tire pressure gauge in the vehicle in the event of a pothole or curb bump which can cause a tire to suddenly lose pressure

Proper tire pressure ensures a safer ride, saves gas and extends tire life.

Don’t tread on my road trip:

Worn tires have a reduced grip on the road, diminishing traction and braking power, making a vehicle more prone to hydroplaning

Tread depth should be measured prior to departure, via

  • The tire’s built-in treadwear indicators bars between the ribs; replace when tread is flush with the indicator bars
  • The penny test; replace if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head when a penny is slid into a tread groove with Lincoln’s head upside down facing you
  • A tire depth gauge; replace when results measure less than 4/32 of an inch tread depth

Don’t let an unexpected thunderstorm rain on your road trip parade – check your tread.

Keeping tires in line in the summertime:

Misalignment can result in a pulling sensation or vibration that affects handling and causes tire damage.

  • Have the alignment of all four wheels professionally inspected before leaving home
  • Check your tires visually for uneven wear during your trip
  • If you feel vibration or pulling, tires should be inspected immediately

Rotate to compensate:

Tire rotation promotes even tread wear, helping tires to perform smoothly and safely.

  • Have your tires rotated before rolling out
  • Check your owner’s manual for the best pattern of rotation
  • Tire rotation should be performed every 5,000 to 8,000 miles – or sooner if uneven wear appears

Travel light and tight:

Check your owner’s manual for the maximum recommended load for your vehicle.

  • Every 200 lbs. of extra weight reduces fuel economy by one mpg
  • Overloading shortens tire life

Following these handy tips from Bauer Built before and during your road trip can help keep your tires performing as designed.

However, nothing quite takes the wind out of your sails like being stranded on the side of the road attempting to change a tire or waiting for roadside assistance to appear.

So, when a bump in the road does occur:

REMEMBER: Your safety and that of your passengers and other motorists are paramount!

  1. Grip the steering wheel firmly
  2. Slow down, but don’t slam on the brakes
  3. Flick on the appropriate signal and change lanes carefully
  4. Pull off the roadway and into a safe, traffic-free zone
  5. Risk driving on a flat to safe ground rather than your life
  6. Turn on emergency flashers
  7. nge your tire if you can do so out of harm’s way
  8. If unsafe, call in the pros
  9. Stay in your car whenever possible, never standing behind or beside it on a busy highway
  10. Alert emergency responders that you need help by hanging something white out your window

Bauer-Built: Helping to Keep Road Trips Safely on Track for 75+ Years

For more information on our tires before your next road trip, visit today!

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