Technology is moving forward in the world of transportation, and the advances are not limited to self-driving vehicles; the shipping and freighting side of the industry is seeing its own improvements, with the future of weight measurements being integrated into telematics.

On this episode of the Transportation Podcast, we’re joined by Martin Ambros, CEO for Air-Weigh On-Board Scales, a company that provides electronic on-board weighing technology for both trucks and trailers with air or mechanical suspensions. Although onboard scales have been around for a significant period of time, Ambros finds that there’s a real change in the way they’ve been viewed and valued over the past three years. For example, five years ago 70 percent of his customers or higher were drivers looking to cut back on overweight fines and fees. Now, it’s all about optimization.

A load that’s underweight can really affect that optimization. According to Ambros, “equipment is more expensive, operation costs are higher, and drivers are becoming fewer and harder to find and keep,” so those minutes a company wastes trying to get the load exactly correct “really cuts into the operating ratio.”

Besides time and sheer efficiency, there are a lot of other benefits, including safety, fewer loads and trips on fleets, and preventing overloading, which may lead to breakdowns and maintenance costs in the future. Companies are already having real-world results from employing these types of solutions, and on the podcast, Ambros explains how Air-Weigh will continue to help become a critical part of the driver retention solution as well.

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