Explore the Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Play Experience at Mall of America

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The Mall of America is much more than a retail space. It houses its very own amusement park, Nickelodeon Universe. The park is a favorite for families; however, most of the attractions cater to children age 5 and up. For those families under 5, the park was missing an important piece.

That’s why Mall of America and Nickelodeon came to PLAYTIME to ensure that all visitors had an opportunity to play! PLAYTIME had the chance to collaborate with the teams at Nickelodeon and Mall of America in the creative design process. The finished product brings the Adventure Bay to Life. With inspired ideation and successful execution, the space was transformed into an entertainment zone with Chase, Marshall, and the rest of the PAW Patrol characters.

Play Experiences for Every Kid

One thing that parents are often frustrated by is that in an amusement park, there aren’t rides or activities for their toddlers. If kids don’t meet the height requirements, then they can’t hop on the “big” rides. Installing all-age play experiences provide an opportunity for every kid to find fun, which means families stay in the park longer and will want to return.

3-D Modeling Brings PAW Patrol Characters to Life

The PLAYTIME creative team worked directly with Nickelodeon to ensure the sculpt and surface of each PAW Patrol character was right. The play area stays true to the PAW Patrol brand, which was important so that when the kids see it in person, they know right away that it’s Adventure Bay.

PLAYTIME designers can produce custom designs and themed experiences through our skilled 3-D artists who use the latest technology to deliver precise, complex models. We are able to translate the specificity of these characters to the highest standard.

Adventure Bay Is Ready for Play

This play area is based on one of Nickelodeon’s top-rated animated preschool series and is 4,000 square feet. The interactive play area allows children, including toddlers, to use their imagination to envision a PAW Patrol world. With open play areas, it’s ideal for young ones to run around and burn off some energy.

The activity area includes play tower systems that take their inspiration from popular destinations within the PAW Patrol world. These themed towers challenge and engage children, helping them with critical thinking, spatial awareness, and social skills. The structures also include slides, obstacles, interactive games, and activity panels. They’ll find plenty of fun areas to explore from Lookout Tower to the beach-themed area where they can find turtles and crabs.

In addition to all the innovative play pieces, there is a digital technology element, too. This encourages more interactivity and physical movement. We use the “heads-up technology” that promotes active play with features like reactions walls. The design also includes an area for parents. They can watch their kids play and also take advantage of mobile device charging. It’s the perfect spot for kids to play freely and parents to take a much-needed break.

At PLAYTIME, we have a desire to make play fun and have been helping amusement parks create new experiences for their visitors for years. We’ve worked with amazing brands and spaces all over the country. If your amusement park needs to create an experience for your smallest guests, get in touch with us today to learn more.


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