On today’s MarketScale Software & Technology podcast, we’re joined by Calvin Chen, product manager for Premio, Inc., a computing technologies design company, and Laxman Rajagopalan, head of marketing at DWFritz Automation, a 45-year old company that specializes in industrial metrology measurements for precision automation functions.

Where do these two radically different companies find common ground? Like many tech partnerships, it comes down to empowering an end vision, and in this case, that vision is very literally empowered.

DWFritz started in the lumber industry but is now known for non-contact inspection and non-contact measurements. The company runs on high quality imaging solutions to accurately read and decipher those measurements, and to do that needs highly focused and capable processing power. Enter a unique and powerful GPU provided by Premio.

“We use cameras and laser systems to measure critical dimensions of parts and those images need to be processed rapidly and need a high amount of computing power because Premio’s GPU allows us to instantly process these high contrast and complex images very rapidly. That allows us to measure the key critical dimensions that our customers require,” Rajagopalan said. “Without our computing power, we cannot do what we are doing now very well.”

On the podcast, Chen and Rajagopalan explain how Premio’s processor is standing out amongst the competition, being small enough to be convenient for the customer but pack a substantial punch when it comes to processing power.

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