Is Your Windows 10 ATM Migration Plan Ready? Don’t Wait—Plan Now with Tech Data Systems

The use of ATMs by consumers continues to be the number one touchpoint for a financial institution to engage with a customer. Because of this, the ATM experience for the consumer must be exceptional and convenient. As part of a multi-channel strategy, banks must keep in mind that ATMs have to continue to evolve to be able to handle transactions and customer service activities. This includes making sure your current ATMs can support the Windows 10 operating system, as support for Windows 7 will end in January of 2020. 

Why Upgrade Now?

Microsoft has announced it will end support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. The clock is ticking with banks now having less than a year to plan their migration. The end of support means no more security updates, security patches, technical support, and online content updates. In a sense, it renders Windows 7 obsolete. To avoid compliance and security challenges, it’s best for any bank that currently uses Windows 7 to develop a migration plan now.

The road to migration isn’t simple, so planning is essential. It’s a huge undertaking involving multiple steps and coordination with various vendors. But it’s not all bad. When compared to Windows 7, an upgrade to Windows 10 offers many advantages for ATMs. 

Advantages of Upgrading to Windows 10

Security: Windows 10 provides more built-in security features and is supported by Microsoft for updates and patches. The security advantages include new anti-skimming technology and a much more robust system to deal with the recent uptick in ATM malware. Windows 10 includes Device Guard™, which enhances security and demands that any app attempting to access the network be proven safe.

Compliance: Delaying the migration to Windows 10 could result in a financial institution being noncompliant with PCI-DSS. With Windows 10, you’ll be PCI-complaint and be able to avoid future complications.

Greater uptime: Windows 10 offers you much better uptime, so your customers won’t be frustrated by ATMs that are out of service.

Enhance the customer experience: The video and app-based platform provide new, unique ways to connect with customers, offering special features such as choice of bill denominations for withdrawals and the ability for cardless cash access.

Reduce risk and cost: By not upgrading to Windows 10, banks take the risk of maintaining outdated systems, which could result in fraud, theft, or ATMs that no longer work.

Stability: With Microsoft planning to support Windows 10 until 2026, and boasting a robust 64-bit operating system, this platform offers superior stability 

Plan Your Upgrade with a Reliable Partner

With less than a year before Windows 7 becomes unsupported, it’s time to upgrade and ensure compatibility with your existing equipment. Some older equipment will not be able to support Windows 10.

Tech Data Systems can help with our manufacturer partners at NCR and Hyosung to ensure you have compatible equipment in place that will support your migration to Windows 10. With over 27 years of experience in automating transactions, you can rely on Tech Data Systems to support you through this process. Our experience with partners like NCR and Hyosung enables us to provide our customers exactly what they need for secure, reliable systems. Learn more about our ATM solutions today.

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