Competition in Formula Drift is Intense, and today’s Top Formula Drift drivers know that consistency is key. Unlike other racing, Formula D is judged on line, angle, and style, rather than who finishes first. With a unique judging formula that puts emphasis on the interaction between two drivers competing head to head, Formula D keeps crowds actively entertained. Drivers run mere inches from the wall, attempting to shadow their competitor and repeat the perfect line. The Formula D field of cars consists of variety of engines/chassis combinations, creating huge power commonly in excess of 850+ hp. That power requires reliable cooling.

As a top contender in Formula D competition for nearly 15 years, Justin Pawlak, aka JTP, understands the demand put on a drift vehicle’s engine and components. As a long-time C&R client, Justin contacted C&R’s engineering group to talk about how he could approach his unique cooling needs. The result left Justin blown away when C&R stepped in and engineered their solution to meet his exacting specifications. According to this world-class drift driver, “C&R lived up to the hype—I mean, they are legit!”

Watch this video as Justin explains C&R’s exceptional engineering capabilities, maximized design efficiency, and rapid from-concept-to-installation turnaround time.


Adrenaline. Exhilaration. Focus. For a professional racer, life behind the wheel is a wild ride…literally. Especially in Forumla Drift, the level of attention is raised to new heights. This translates right back to the car, too, where racers take great pride in the contents under the hood that help make the unstoppable forces on the track. Justin Pawlak, Formula Drift Racer, came on the podcast to tell us about becoming his car’s own pit stop.

We get to hear what about Formula Drift makes his blood race (pun intended), the level of personal responsibility he takes for upgrading his car, and how C&R Racing, an after-market racing manufacturer, empowers Justin by matching his enthusiasm and expertise in making a master-class racing vehicle.