Simple Ways to Make your Storage Facility More Competitive

The storage facility business has become increasingly competitive, and facility owners must stand out from the rest to acquire and maintain a thriving customer base. One key factor customers have when choosing a storage facility is security. A 2012 study by Sparefoot showed that 90% of self-storage customers considered security as “very” or “extremely” important. While security is crucial to the success of your self-storage business, in today’s market, it will take more to remain competitive.

In addition to offering a secure storage location, there are many things facility owners can do to stay competitive. Keeping a clean facility and having friendly customer service are common sense ways to stand out, but there are a number of less apparent tactics that can be employed to attract customers.

Facility Cleanliness and Maintenance

It’s a no-brainer that a clean facility will improve your self-storage business. Spotless floors, neat office areas, an organized shop, and a clean building exterior will tell your customers that you operate a tight ship and that their belongings will be cared for.

Hand-in-hand with cleanliness is maintenance. When customers enter your storage location, they will certainly notice how each of the storage lockers is presented. Rusty and dented storage locker doors that close poorly will not instill confidence in your potential customers. The same goes for exposed pipe and ductwork in disrepair, as well as an entrance gate that screeches when opening or closing. Proactively taking care of these damages will improve your facility’s appeal and give your customers confidence that they have selected the best self-storage facility.

Customer Service

Everybody likes to be greeted with a friendly smile and a positive attitude, but there’s more to customer service than being nice gestures. Anticipating customer needs and having a solution ready is just as important.

For example, many customers looking for storage space also need assistance moving items in and out of the facility. Offering moving trucks from On The Move will allow your customers to choose from a variety of moving truck sizes to help transport their belongings. With the On The Move Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) leasing program, you can have access to commercial truck leasing at an affordable price. Not only will this improve your customer service, but it will also increase your revenues.

A suggestion box is another excellent customer service opportunity. This will help you gather valuable customer feedback and will also make your customers feel included by offering ways for you to improve your facility.

Utilize Technology

Technology is an increased part of today’s society, so why should storage facilities be left behind? By incorporating a few simple technologies, you can improve your customers’ experience and streamline the operation of your self-storage facility.

Mobile apps make life simpler and they can do the same for your storage facility. Apps like EasyCode will make it simple for customers to enter your location without all of the difficulty of a standard numeric keypad.  This is especially useful for people with disabilities who may not be able to reach the keypad.

Another way to use technology to your advantage is by using surround sound to play music in the storage location. The concrete walls and metals doors can make for a dreary atmosphere, but pleasant background music and additional lighting in the hallways will liven the experience.

On The Move recognizes the increased competitive nature of the self-storage industry, and is ready to offer assistance with truck leasing opportunities that improve customer experience and revenues simultaneously. By partnering with On The Move, you can take your self-storage facility to the next level and directly impact your business’s bottom line.

Learn more about On The Move’s leasing program and fleet here.


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