BACNet Fan Controller Helps Simplify Ventilation for Building Management

March 18, 2024


The importance of efficient and reliable ventilation systems cannot be overstated as it pertains to smart building management. But as buildings become more intelligent, integrating various systems to work in harmony has become both a challenge and a necessity. This is particularly true for systems that directly impact air quality and energy use. 

RenewAire’s BACNet Fan Controller offers a cost-effective way to connect an ERV with a BMS, allowing for control over a unit’s status, turn it on or off, and fan speeds. The digital input interlock allows for activation or deactivation based on various conditions. With BACNet MSTP integration, the controller enables easy monitoring and adjustments, ensuring optimal indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

The introduction of the BACnet Fan Controller is a significant step towards solving these challenges, offering an alternative and streamlined solution for managing ERVs within BMSs. The controller not only simplifies the monitoring and control of air units but also enhances safety and comfort through its compatibility with other building sensors and systems. By enabling precise control over fan speeds and operational status, it represents a leap forward in creating healthier and more sustainable indoor environments. Al Purves, a Digital Marketing Specialist at RenewAire, shared his insights on the innovation behind the BACnet Fan Controller and its impact on the industry

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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