Panasonic PT-RQ18KU Projector Now Available at Rentex!

June 22, 2024

Rentex now offers the Panasonic PT-RQ18KU projector, a powerful addition to their AV rental inventory. This 16,000-lumen projector features 4K resolution with Quad Pixel Drive, ensuring smooth, high-quality images. It comes equipped with Geometry Manager Pro and boasts a 25,000:1 contrast ratio for exceptional visual clarity. The rental includes a 12G SDI input card and cage, making it a versatile choice for any event.

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Rentex is a leading provider of high-quality AV rental equipment across the United States. Offering a vast inventory that includes cameras, projectors, audio gear, LED lighting, and more, Rentex ensures your event or production is equipped with the best technology. With multiple locations nationwide, Rentex provides 24/7 support and competitive pricing to meet all your…

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Rentex offers a diverse selection of high-resolution monitors for any production or event. Their inventory includes various sizes and types, ensuring perfect visual displays for every need. Each monitor is rigorously tested and maintained for exceptional performance. With Rentex’s competitive pricing and outstanding customer support, you can enhance your viewing experience effortlessly.

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Rentex provides an extensive selection of LED lighting and power distribution solutions for any event or production. Their high-quality LED lights ensure vibrant, customizable lighting effects, while the power distribution equipment guarantees reliable energy management. Each piece of equipment is carefully maintained and tested for optimal performance. Benefit from Rentex’s excellent customer service and competitive…