AI Technology is Revolutionizing Retail By Increasing Inventory Visibility

September 27, 2023



AI technology is reinventing traditional retail landscapes all over the world, and the need for innovation in inventory management is pivotal. Retailers are at a crossroads, facing the imperative need to synchronize online and offline inventories and enhance the customer shopping experience. However, a key player, Spacee, is driving this transformation by leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) and interactive technologies to provide real-time visibility into in-store inventories and solve billion-dollar problems in the retail sector.

How is Spacee transforming inventory management in retail with AI technology, and what does this mean for retailers and consumers looking for enhanced shopping experiences and better inventory visibility?

For an episode of “Hire Education,” hosted by Gabrielle Bejarano, guests Tyler Lee and Hannah Anderson from Catapult Solutions Group, along with Skip Howard, the founder of Spacee, engaged in a thought-provoking conversation about the groundbreaking technologies in retail. They illuminated how Spacee’s advanced AI technology offers revolutionary solutions to retailers, solving critical inventory visibility issues and reshaping customer interactions.

They also explored further on:

  • Spacee’s technology enables real-time inventory tracking using a unique IoT rover with advanced computer vision.
  • Projecting interactive touchscreens on varied surfaces, Spacee creates engaging and dynamic customer experiences, leading to heightened consumer connections and increased sales.
  • Spacee’s distributed AI system processes immense data on-site, minimizing data streaming costs and ensuring real-time inventory updates.

Tyler Lee and Hannah Anderson are Account Executives at Catapult Solutions Group, a global, full-service staffing firm specializing in innovative solutions. They bring extensive knowledge and experience to the IT industry. Skip Howard is the visionary founder of Spacee, a company at the forefront of utilizing computer vision AI to solve significant supply chain issues. Recently named a top 50 AI innovator, Howard has insights and innovations that are shaping the future of the retail industry.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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