The retail innovators at Gimme offered a teaser video of their augmented reality (AR) micro market tool for the food service and vending industries. Gimme has already demonstrated a keen ability to sense the needs of the industries they serve with their completely automated retail tech. Past projects put service, sales, cash, inventory, and truck route data in the hands of executives looking to eliminate efficiencies and make their current assets work harder. This new teaser, which shows a tablet sensing individual vending machines and displaying their real-time inventory, has managers and executives buzzing with the potential new micro market tools.
Cory Hewett, co-founder and CEO of Gimme, is excited to show what Gimme has ready for micro markets and, “show the industry what is possible when you unite the right technology with the right industry at the right time. It’s truly a trifecta.” It truly is the right time for Gimme to enter micro markets, as the 2016 NAMA census shows revenue growth of more than 154% between ‘14 and ‘16. Recent industry reports have put the number of micro market locations nationwide at 18,000 and growing.[1]
In the vending industry, Gimme pioneered intelligence-enabled key technology, offering swathes of data on metrics such as purchasing patterns, inventory needs, and restocking routes. This information has given operators and executives huge advantages in revising their own operations and keeping up with the competition. Now, Gimme is bringing their knowledge and experience in vending to the burgeoning micro market sector.
As Amazon Go and other major retails embrace an “unattended retail reality,” Gimme is aiming to push vending and micro markets onto the next innovation. Watch the teaser trailer here: