Consumers today are bombarded with advertising like never before. The digital era has been an exciting new frontier for brands but standing out in a cluttered landscape that includes both traditional advertising and new media experiences is difficult.

Today’s leading companies are the ones providing creative and personal impressions on shoppers.

“The ability for a consumer to interact with relevance to that brand is huge,” BoardActive Founder and CEO Doug Pittman said.

Pittman explained that there are 4 billion smart devices (and growing) being carried around by consumers today. Each is an opportunity for a brand to make a positive impression, but often the message is impersonal and intrusive.

“Consumers do not want messages. We get inundated with messages all day long, whether it be text, whether it be email, whether it be notifications.”

Personalization is key to building brand loyalty and meaningful awareness, something Pittman is focusing on at BoardActive. He spoke to MarketScale about the latest market trends and what’s next for his growing company.