By Navigating Sustainability and Responsible Retail, Businesses Can Reach Better Ethical and Profit Achievements

November 30, 2023
Christine Russo


The world is in an era where sustainability and responsible retail business practices are increasingly crucial. For the latest episode of “What Just Happened,” host Christine Russo further explored the hows and whys of this pressing issue by interviewing Cara Smyth, Global Senior Managing Director for ESG and Responsible Retail at Accenture, and Chair of the Board at Fashion Makes Change.

This episode explored the evolving landscape of sustainability in the retail sector. Russo and Smyth discussed the concepts of responsible retail, sustainability, and the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices in business. Smyth, with her extensive experience in the apparel industry and a strong focus on sustainability, shared her point of view on how businesses can align profitability with environmental and social responsibility. The conversation covered various aspects of retail, from sourcing, to consumers, and even down to a game plan for a comprehensive approach towards sustainability. Smyth emphasized the importance of profitable and responsible business practices, not just for short-term gains but for long-term sustainability and ethical operations. Their discussion offers a valuable perspective for businesses looking to navigate the complex world of sustainability and responsible retail.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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