Stories That Sell with Ken Nisch, Chairman of JGA


For more than four decades, JGA has been leveraging the talents of storytellers and craft-persons to create branded environments in Retail. How can retailers design not just their marketing campaigns, but their physical spaces, to tell the story of their product?

To better understand how this convergence comes together, we sat down with JGA Chairman Ken Nisch to talk about how this industry has ebbed and flowed over time, becoming more experience-focused for the customer.

For Nisch, an important aspect in keeping spaces authentic is not forcing technology, like augmented reality experiences or digital signage, into the space just because it’s new and flashy.

“I call it digital litter because its become so easy and so inexpensive, particularly on the hardware side,” Nisch said. “Content is really the most important, central factor and the hardest, most expensive to produce, but because the hardware has gotten so cheap, I think a lot of people in leadership positions are afraid to miss the boat because they feel like they’ll be criticized if their environment isn’t full of screens.”

Ken also opened up about how a snowstorm led to him joining this industry, what emerging trends he finds most fascinating, and one of his most recent projects: the James Allen showroom in Georgetown, DC.

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