Applied Digital on the Move

January 1, 2023

This video follows the major accomplishments of Applied Digital from their IPO in Apr 2022 until October of 2023. It includes major announcements like

– Partnerships with NVidia, Supermicro and Hewlett Packard

– Opening new facilities in North Dakota

– Gaining and onboarding new Cloud clients

– Initiation of a Cloud AI service

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Today, telecommunications is characterized by increasing technological advances and evolving market conditions, making the industry stand at a crucial juncture. With ongoing government initiatives like the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program injecting significant capital into infrastructure, the stakes are high for companies to adapt and thrive. This dynamic landscape demands a nuanced understanding…

sustainable solutions
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The advent of next-generation data centers is revolutionizing the AI landscape, driven by a blend of innovative technology and sustainable solutions. Applied Digital leads the charge in this transformation, by utilizing their cutting-edge data center infrastructure to maximize the potential of Artificial Intelligence. In a recent discussion, Applied Digital highlighted its commitment to sustainable…

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