Automation in Material Removal and Progress of New Product Development

On this episode of CalTV by Calvary Robotics, Host Joe Gemma talked with Robert Little, CEO of ATI Industrial Automation, the world-leading engineering-based developer of robotic accessories and robot arm tooling, including Automatic Tool Changers, Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensing Systems, Utility Couplers, Material Removal Tools, Robotic Collision Sensors, Manual Tool Changers, and Compliance Devices. They talked about automation around material removal and the progress of new product development.

Little co-founded ATI around 32 years ago. Their focus back then was the development of robotic end-effectors. In order to give themselves a focus, they decided that engineering was the most critical factor in that tooling. “We put an enormous amount of engineering time in the development of a variety of end-effectors over the years,” Little said. “Focusing on that foundation of innovation.” While engineering held top place, customer service came second. Little noted that after every sale, they followed up with strong service. This allowed them to build an extensive company on engineered robotics.

When it comes to material removal, it is a bit of a science project, or almost a black art, for most companies to implement due to the complexity of shape or materials. But, there have been some key developments that have helped to make the process more adaptable for today’s automation. “Material removal is quite a challenge,” Little said. “We use the word material removal because we want to be all-encompassing.”

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