Realizing the benefits of choosing a multi-cloud environment over single-cloud can be an advantage for many companies.

Ray McCay, VP of Solutions Sales, Vion, and Cameron Chehreh, CTO Dell Technologies, discussed the reasons one might choose multi-cloud over single-cloud and the best practices for deploying a successful multi-cloud environment.

McCay and Chehreh both agree that, in today’s business world, there are endless possibilities for cloud usage, and various needs may require the flexibility a multi-cloud environment offers.

“A typical enterprise organization is going to have thousands of applications that they need to provide their service to the community, and each one of those applications has its own set of requirements,” McCay said. “Determine what is the best outcome deployment model for the given application and match that against the cloud scenario that delivers the optimum performance and cost.”

With options ranging from public and private cloud scenarios, companies need to do their homework upfront and determine the needs, applications and requirements for the multi-cloud operating environment.

“All these factors go into picking the optimum cloud design,” McCay said. “When you take in all of these considerations upfront, that is when you get the best outcome.”

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