Noah Chamow and Conor Burke, founders of Assistant Editor’s Bootcamp, attended some of the best film schools in California, and yet their best learning experience was creating their own. On this first in a three part series on careers in post production for CineCast, powered by Cinedeck, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Chamow and Burke to discuss their paths to becoming an Assistant Editor.

Chamow studied film at UC Santa Cruz, but his best training came at the grace of a co-worker.

“Fortunately one of the editors working on the show took me under his wing,” he said.

The young editor learned more from this senior editor on set than he did from years of college and set a precedent Chamow would realize later as he moved up the ranks in post production roles.

Soon Chamow was in a position to pay it forward when he met Burke, a newbie, on set.

“Noah basically taught me everything I know,” Burke said.

On this episode, Chamow and Burke share what they learned by learning on the job and how one person’s hand up put an informal mentor/mentee relationship into motion.

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