Companies Are Taking Their Tech On The Move, Literally

In the wide-open field of wearable tech, thousands of flowers of innovation are blooming on a monthly basis. Business owners are constantly looking for new methods to make their business stand out from the crowd. They know that not only can technology assist with making their business more user friendly customers, but it can also work for them and take responsibilities off their plate. Here are just a few of the most recent developments that are helping businesses become more efficient.

  1. Stretchable WiFi antenna for wearable devices.

Nothing in today’s connected world is more frustrating, from a business perspective, than losing Wi-Fi signal in the midst of a project. Although there are many quality Wi-Fi boosters on the market, more portable options for antenna boosters are few. Alternative Wireless is working on what will be the first antenna that can stretch and twist yet still maintain its tuned frequency. Not only that, but this antenna will allegedly also blend in to clothing, even be stitched into it, and feel comfortable while users are walking around. It’s in development by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in cooperation with the University of Illinois.

  1. Real-time 3D body motion tracking.

Next-gen sports, fitness, and health technology goes far beyond counting steps and estimating calories. Real-time 3D body motion tracking data, or wearable Motion Capture, can digitize complex movements for immediate feedback and live sharing, making possible apps to improve, say, sports techniques, right in the moment. Not only does this improve the user experience, but it does so in a way that provides biofeedback directly to a business, without having to wait for a user to fill out a survey or complete a study.

  1. Sweat-based wearables.

Sweat tracking is just around the corner. Still in development around the world but advancing fast, sweat-based wearables can supercede optical sensor technology for assessing the user’s health.

Biomarkers in sweat can be “directly correlated” with bio-markers in blood, making its measurement highly accurate as well as non-invasive. This is a major improvement over measuring heart rate, which has limited utility in any case, according to Eccrine Systems, a company specializing in deriving data from sweat.

Regardless of whether a business is in the restaurant, healthcare, sports, retail, or technology industry — there is a wearable tech product that can help it relate better to customers or learn more about them. Additionally, there are products that will allow them to communicate their needs and desires more effectively to the business. Companies that do not use wearable tech will soon see their competition advancing past them extremely quickly, and they may not be able to catch up.

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