Connected World: Partnering with OEMs on EV Innovation

“Regardless of the OEM model, they all need to advance battery technology and ensure the electrical infrastructure is there.”

The ecosystem of electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly changing. With so many factors that impact the market, OEMs are evolving their models to meet consumer demand and infrastructure needs. Discussing the current state,  Steven Merkt, President, Transportation Solutions at TE Connectivity, joined Our Connected World host Tyler Kern.

“There have been many barriers in the way. First, it was making a battery that would last long enough and be cost-effective. Then getting through these economically unviable times. The third was would people want to drive them,” Merkt explained.

Those challenges are in the rearview, but many remain. “There’s capability and capacity. Capability has had a natural progression of faster charging but scaling it out for capacity isn’t easy for the auto industry,” Merkt noted.

The near-term issue is the supply chain, which every manufacturer has experienced. As a result, OEMs are responding and adapting. Infrastructure is still in flux, with some areas having easy access to charging where others don’t. Further, the energy used in charging needs to be sustainable.

All this change and rapid acceleration have OEMs stepping back and viewing themselves differently. “Before a car company was a car company. Now some see themselves as transportation or service companies. Regardless of their model, they all need to advance battery technology and ensure the electrical infrastructure is there,” Merkt added.

Merkt stated that the disruption has been good for the industry, allowing new players to bring value while traditional ones become more innovative. OEMs need to continue to deliver reliability and performance.  Users also need easy access to charging. Those are the priorities of all stakeholders in the EV market. Visit to read the full story on this topic:

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