Applied Digital Strengthens Community Relations through Innovative Data Center Practices

May 21, 2024


As Applied Digital continues to expand its footprint across rural America, its commitment to integrating with and revitalizing local communities stands out. The company’s unique approach to building and operating data centers brings advanced technology to these areas while stimulating local economies and fostering community development.

How does Applied Digital ensure seamless integration and positive impact in the rural communities where it operates?

Nick Phillips, the EVP of Operations and Public Affairs at Applied Digital, provides an overview of Applied Digital’s community engagement strategies. His analysis highlights several key aspects of its approach:

Innovative Community Engagement: Applied Digital begins its relationship with new communities through town hall meetings, where it transparently discusses its plans and gather feedback from local stakeholders. This openness helps build trust and dispel any initial skepticism.

Economic Revitalization: In regions where farming technology has reduced the need for labor, Applied Digital offers high-paying jobs, attracting young people back to these rural areas. This influx of jobs boosts the local economy and supports community cohesion and growth.

Robust Training Programs: Applied Digital transforms local farmers into skilled data center operators through comprehensive training programs. This initiative provides valuable employment opportunities and equips individuals with new skills, fostering long-term career development.

Strategic Location Choices: By situating its data centers near wind farms and solar fields, Applied Digital enhances the efficiency of renewable energy sources. This strategic decision underscores their commitment to sustainability and helps local power generation facilities achieve better returns on investment.

Collaborative Planning: Applied Digital works closely with city council members, county commissioners, and community leaders to ensure their projects align with local needs and future plans. This collaborative approach ensures compatibility and mutual benefits.

Through these strategies, Applied Digital demonstrates how a technology company can successfully integrate into rural communities, driving economic growth and fostering sustainable development. This analysis underscores the importance of community relations in the tech industry’s expansion into new regions.

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