Diverse App Usage Fuels Rapid Growth in Data Center Demand

May 20, 2024


The unprecedented growth in data center demand is highlighting a significant trend in the tech industry for 2024. This increase is driven by the expanding market for traditional hyperscale applications such as video, real-time, and office apps.

Wes Cummins, the CEO of Applied Digital explains to David Liggitt, the Founder and CEO of datacenterHawk, that the rapid growth in data center demand is fueled by both new and existing applications, creating a cumulative effect rather than a replacement scenario. This has led to a significant increase in data center capacity requirements, which is expected to continue rising. Cummins emphasizes that this trend is driven by the need for more robust infrastructure to support the expanding digital ecosystem, ensuring that the growth is sustainable and not just a temporary spike. He concludes with an optimistic outlook for the data center market, predicting continued acceleration throughout 2024.

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