Construction Surveying and Layout Product Highlights

May 26, 2023

GeoMax delivers a full line of high-quality construction measurement products. We manufacture manual and robotic total stations, GPS/GNSS receivers, rotating lasers, pipe lasers and more. See what benefits some of our most popular instruments have to offer you on the job as we dive into the specs of our Zone60 DG rotating laser, our Zoom90 robotic total station and our Zeta125S pipe laser.

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The Zenith60 GNSS Smart Antenna is the new flagship solution in the GeoMax GNSS receiver product line. Experience the value of all the new features on your next construction layout or land surveying job, including: • hot swappable batteries • durable magnesium housing • waterproof rating of IP68 • calibration-free IMU technology • tilt capability…

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The new Zoom95 robotic total station, from GeoMax, is faster, more accurate and will make your job easier than ever before. This flagship total station features a larger WVGA display, faster processor, more data storage, multiple on-board software options, built-in Wi-Fi, and an additional long-range Bluetooth handle for a consistent, reliable connection, even on your…

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There are many reasons to become a GeoMax dealer. From working with a trustworthy team to having confidence in the performance of products like X-PAD software and the Zenith35, these US dealers share their experiences working with GeoMax products and staff.