Gossip About Gossip: Addressing Global Supply Chain Inefficiencies with AVC

August 16, 2022

Niels Skjoldager, Founder & EVP, Product & Operations at AVC Global, is thinking big and going global. And why not? The issues facing the supply chain impact worldwide, so addressing these challenges needs a global approach. Zenobia Godschalk spoke with Skjodager about what his company does and how AVC’s cloud-based Value Chain platform allows industry and governments to purchase goods while maintaining all global regulatory compliance requirements.

AVC bases its technology on two Blockchains: HyperLedger fabric and Hedera Consensus networks service. These work with AVC’s proprietary SmartHub, which provides a digital representation of robust supply chain functionality, backed with Blockchain’s data verification and notary power. “We bring supply chains at a large scale into the cyberspace, and make all that data immutable at a Blockchain, and create trust and providence at a level that really resonates when talking to governments around the world.”

Supply chain solutions, like the one AVC Global supplies, create a valuable new weapon in the fight against fraudulent goods. Skjoldager pointed to pharmaceuticals as an industry where a fake product can result in harm or death. “Just in the pharmaceutical industry, this is a big issue for humanity, trusting that the medicine you’re about to take is what it claims to be. But this applies to all kinds of supply chains, and for us, the pharmaceutical supply chain is the great entry point, but the mission and the strategy is to do everything.”

Doing everything for the supply chain takes time, and building relationships with countries to begin moving the needle and the goods happens slowly. But Skjodager said AVC is making some exciting progress. “We’re expanding to all types of other products—oil & gas industry, food industry, high-value items, you name it. We have a demand also for services. Not just physical products crossing borders but also services. It’s unbelievable the opportunities that Blockchain, particularly with Hedera, brings to the table and leverage the platform’s power.”

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