Gossip About Gossip: Clout.art Migrates from Polygon to Hedera

October 11, 2022

Jure Zih has always been a fan of the creator economy. “I think that’s the future. Independent creators are going to drive this forward,” he said. To support creators, he developed Clout.art. Zih’s goal was to onboard people into the NFT space. “You need content, right? That’s at the core of NFTs –is  that you’re basically able to store something that is not a fungible number or a fungible function but actually a content piece, and you’re able to store that,” said Zih.

Initially, Clout.art was set up with Polygon. However, the structure didn’t work as intended originally after rapid development. At the core of Clout.art is a simple way to onboard people into the NFT space. “The user experience is so broken. That’s something we wanted to fix. We started talking about a transition because the NFT system was really starting to bloom on Hedera,” said Zih. Zenobia Godschalk, Senior VP of Communications of Swirlds Labs, chimed in, “Hedera is enterprise ready. That scalability, all those things are ready for prime time and can scale as big as you grow.” Clout.art made the transition to Hedera.

Zih believes the terms“NFTs” and “blockchains” will become a thing of the past. He compares them to terms like SMTP protocol and POP-3 protocol of email—the protocols that enable the sending and receiving of email. Thirty years ago, people were aware of this structure. “Nobody’s talking about that today. You aren’t setting this up on your phone. This is just integrated,” said Zih. “I look to the future of blockchain being the same. It’s just going to be a part of the stack. I don’t think we’ll be talking about NFTs. There will be a digital asset that is ownable and is using some standard. But in order to get there, we still have so much to do on the user experience side.”

Focusing on the user experience, Clout.art is working to bridge the gap of how something digital can be unique and valuable. It’s easy to join the Clout.art community and create an individual patron.


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