Dan Cui, Acting CMO Aurora, SiOnyx, LLC, handles all marketing/sales functions for the Aurora Night Camera program. He recently shared his thoughts about the future of wearable technology.

“I started in the ‘wearables’ market over 15 years ago,” he said. “We added computers to wearable displays and looked for new ways for industrial users and consumers to become more effective in their jobs, or to just have more fun in their lives.”

Automation is a critical emerging industry trend he’s witnessed this past year. However, he noted that, “Years ago, it meant automating factories. Today, it means automating your thinking and decision making, whether it’s driving your car or translating languages on the fly for you. Our thinking processes are becoming automated faster than most had ever expected it to.”

Cui believes their Aurora Night Camera exemplifies the evolution he sees in the industry. While billions of people document their daily lives, none of their cameras capture the night the way it was meant to be, undisturbed by bright flash lights or other kinds of lights. “We provide a way for people to get out… and experience the night and capture those life’s moments in their true form. Instead of in a virtual sense, you’re living life the way automation will never provide for.”

Cui also believes that cellular technology as we know it will disappear and “become part of other wearable technology that will allow you be more natural in your actions instead of this forced technological human trait, which has you holding a device in your hand all day. These wearable devices (glasses) will not only provide you real-time communication but will be able to improve your eyesight”—not only for people afflicted with low vision, but for night blindness and general 24/7 living.

Wearable, hands-free digital technology is, Cui believes, the future of cellular technology. To this end, the Aurora Night Camera provides users not only with a new kind of technology, but also with the kind of hands-free platform all future cellular technology will adopt.

To learn more about the Aurora Night Vision camera visit aurora.sionyx.com