Today’s camera technology is impressive, and as modern consumers, we are fortunate to have access to crisp beautiful images that capture moments both small and large with a new level of vitality. However, the current action camera market’s offerings don’t perform well in low light, and available night-vision-specific products are unable to produce quality images in the daytime and lack options such as recording and GPS.

​That’s why SiOnyx created the Aurora, a day and night action camera. Aurora’s Ultra Low-Light technology offers exceptional low-light and near infrared sensitivity. Developed by Harvard University in the late 1990s, this low-light solution was adopted by and improved upon by the innovators at SiOnyx. The Aurora has incorporated CMOS image sensors and designed a camera highly suited for hunters, fisherman, and other lovers of the outdoors. Simply put, the Aurora is for anyone who desires to view and record life in all its daytime hustle-n-bustle splendor, as well as the peaceful hours that reign from dusk ‘til dawn.

The Aurora by SiOnyx offers low-light performance unattainable elsewhere. Without this technology, photographers and videographers must use an illuminator to capture footage in the dark, creating eye-safety challenges, and in essence, misses the point of night-vision altogether. While other cameras may capture quality daytime recordings, they usually fall short in capturing clear and vibrant nocturnal images.

SiOnyx’s Aurora outperforms other cameras in low-light to no light, and the built-in high-resolution OLED electronic viewfinder helps make this possible. Aurora can be connected via mobile app to Wi-Fi, and also features a built-in compass, GPS, accelerometer, EIS, digital zoom, and more. Aurora’s exceedingly innovative technology offers the best low-light performance available from a digital camera on the market today.

For revolutionary night-vision technology paired with high-quality and reasonable pricing, SiOnyx’s Aurora excels where others fail, allowing you to capture your adventures by sunlight or moonlight, and every light in-between with unmatched clarity and vibrancy.

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