The drone industry has become one of the most expansive and all-encompassing fields in recent years. At the InterDrone Conference in Las Vegas, Nev. this week, drones are the common thread tying professionals from agriculture, mining, construction, energy and entertainment industries together.

More than 110 training sessions and workshops will also be conducted at the conference, which runs from Sept. 5-7.  Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration Daniel K. Elwell is delivering the conference’s grand opening keynote

MarketScale is in attendance at this year’s conference, catching up with professionals who count on drones daily to run and improve their businesses. Pilots, manufacturers, developers and videographers have all made their way to the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas to learn about the most cutting-edge drone technology and products.

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With the proliferation of drone technology that is also affordable to consumers, drones have never been so popular. But with any new technology boom, a lot of uncertainty arises in terms of safety and privacy.





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