Marathon Digital – Applied Digital’s Flexible and Innovation Partnership

January 1, 2023

Jim Crawford, the Chief Operating Officer at Marathon, praises Applied as a best-in-class site operator. He appreciates Applied’s professionalism, flexibility, and willingness to work on special projects. By partnering with Applied, Marathon is able to focus on other initiatives and allocate internal resources more effectively. Crawford believes that Applied’s consistent operations and stability of the hash rate bring value to their organization.

Introduction: In the rapidly evolving world of Bitcoin mining, partnerships with reliable and forward-thinking operators are crucial for industry players seeking to gain a competitive edge. One such company that has proven its worth as a best-in-class site operator is Applied. As the Chief Operating Officer at Marathon, a large publicly traded miner operating globally, I have come to appreciate the unique value that Applied brings to our organization. Their operational professionalism and flexibility make them an indispensable partner in the mining industry.

Driving Innovation through Technology Stack: Marathon’s focus on innovation is evident in our approach towards developing our own pool, firmware, and hardware. This commitment aligns perfectly with Applied’s ethos as they not only run their own pool but also develop their own firmware – an initiative that sets them apart from most other miners. By leveraging these proprietary technologies at scale, we can consistently achieve incremental productivity gains that provide us with a strategic advantage over competitors.

Collaborative Approach: When initially engaging with Applied, our intention was to work with third-party partners who specialize in hosting while we focused on mining expertise. However, what set Applied apart was their forward-thinking approach to securing optimal facilities for operating ASIC units. This collaborative relationship allowed us to benefit from their operational professionalism while focusing our internal resources on other essential initiatives.

Flexibility Fuels Experimentation: The willingness of Applied to step beyond traditional mining operations and explore special projects was an unexpected surprise. Unlike other operators who rigidly adhere to standard operating procedures, Applied’s forward-thinking and flexible approach have allowed us to experiment with groundbreaking initiatives. As the mining industry constantly evolves, this ability to push boundaries and innovate alongside Applied has been instrumental in our company’s growth.

Conclusion: Predicting the future of Bitcoin mining can be challenging, but having a partner like Applied ensures that Marathon is equipped for whatever lies ahead. Their consistency, flexibility, and willingness to collaborate on special projects have made them an invaluable asset as we continue our journey of innovation and growth. With their professional operations running smoothly, we can confidently focus on optimizing performance, implementing cutting-edge technologies, and achieving significant gains at scale. In a realm where few third-party hosts offer such capabilities or trustworthiness, Applied stands out as the partner we will continue to rely on with our most valuable assets – both today and in the future.

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