World Metrology Day: How Metrology Impacts Health(Care)

World Metrology Day celebrates the importance of metrology. This year’s theme is Measurement for Health. Discussing the value of metrology and its relation to healthcare, Metrology Matters host Hilary Kennedy spoke with Eric Felkel, Product Manager at ZYGO.

Felkel first explained what metrology is. “It’s the science of measurement, and it’s a part of our daily lives. If you can’t measure it, you can’t make it, no matter the industry of product.”

Metrology applies to so many aspects of machined parts, including those that go in the body. Its use in manufacturing these components has to be exact. “Incorporating metrology from the beginning as part of the process is key to making what you intend to make,” Felkel said.

In the context of healthcare, components require well-documented manufacturing procedures, and these include the metrology. Felkel shared some of these specific use cases. “Replacement joints and implants are the most common. They are machined surfaces that move in the body and interact with other surfaces. Metrology ensures these implants are long-lasting.

Additionally, metrology plays a role in contact lens molds, continuous glucose monitoring devices, and pacemakers. These measurements must be accurate before mass production, reiterating the importance of metrology.

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