Michigan Virtual ASU GSV Summit recap

June 5, 2023

Michigan Virtual, an educational institution, sent a team to attend the ASU GSV summit. The summit, a collaboration between Arizona State University and Global Silicon Valley, brought together 7,000 participants from the education sector, technology innovators, and entrepreneurs. The purpose of the event was to discuss the latest developments in learning and the rapid changes taking place in education. Michigan had a significant presence at the conference and had the opportunity to learn from influential figures. They also had sessions on topics such as prompt writing for artificial intelligence, problem-solving, curiosity, and the importance of vocational identity. Three major takeaways from the summit were: 1) The skills gap is growing in every country, including the United States; 2) The US is losing its advantage in education and training accessibility; 3) AI technologies will have a profound impact on education and society, potentially surpassing the impact of the printing press, radio, and television combined. Michigan Virtual expressed excitement about the opportunity to participate in the conference and the potential for transforming education in Michigan. They emphasized the importance of experiencing and understanding the future of education and technology firsthand to implement successful strategies in Michigan schools. The partnership between Michigan Virtual, ASU GSV Summit, and GSV Ventures aims to give educators a voice and agency in navigating the disruption caused by technological innovations like AI. The ASU GSV summit serves as a platform for educators to witness and engage with the ongoing changes in education and learning. It is seen as a vital event for shaping the future of education not only in Michigan but also on a national and international level. The summit showcases the transformative power of technology and its impact on various aspects of education.

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