Recently, Todd Brown, Cima Solutions Group VP of Sales and Marketing, shared his thoughts on the evolution and future of IT. After 16 years at IBM, Brown joined Cima in 2010. He now leads the sales and marketing strategy and execution for the 16-employee IT solution provider.

“The biggest trend for us has been a growing interest from our clients and prospects in the concept of Managed IT Services. Basically, leveraging the skills, tools, and resources from an IT provider rather than trying to do this with in-house resources. This is driven by a better cost structure, more skillset options, and a superior level of service and resiliency,” said Brown.

Brown reported that Cima is hard at work providing their customers new products and services. “We are currently expanding our offerings in the MSP world. Recently we added managed cyber security. We are even delivering the ability for our clients to communicate with us via our very own Alexa skill,” he added.

As for the future of IT, Brown envisions that, “emerging technologies such as Hyperconvergence and Cloud will continue to simplify infrastructure management. This will lend itself to simply outsourcing this management to MSPs. Conversely, business applications such as Blockchain, AI, or just simply Software as a Service, will drive IT value further and further into the application side of IT.”

In other words, if the internet continues in its current trend of development, Cima would certainly seem a sure thing. These developments in combination with the emergence of Managed Service Providers like Cima are going to make it easier for businesses to focus on providing their product or service rather than also having to be IT companies. More specialization and outsourcing of this sort will only reduce costs and increase efficiency, improving the bottom line and providing customers with higher quality at lower prices.