What’s the Difference Between Power Quality and Power Reliability?

The average home has become more automated and continues to advance technologically every year, much of it due to increasing power quality. With these improvements comes drawbacks in the form of reliability of devices, power consumption, and expectations of consumers. What is the difference between power quality and power reliability, and how do they intersect?

On today’s episode of The Next Generation of Energy, host Daniel Litwin and co-host Carl Kasalek talk with Joe Piccirrilli, CEO of RoseWater Energy, about power quality and the future of electricity.

Joe Piccirrilli is the CEO and Managing Director of RoseWater Energy. He was a founder of Sound Advice, an upscale HiFi shop that grew to 25 locations. Piccirrilli was also helped create AVAD, a national distribution company, before founding RoseWater Energy with partners Mario Bottero and Marco Lorenti in 2010.

“The industrial world is far ahead of the residential world on the importance of keeping this product running and your microprocessor running,” said Piccirrilli. “People don’t think about an MRI machine, which I think is a great example. People think ‘wow, that’s an expensive machine’. Well no, if it’s been down for two days, you’ve just lost a lot of money.”

Key Points:
1. How the average person engages with power use and what this means for future devices and products
2. The differences between industrial and residential power use, such as noise and lighting
3. Why a higher quality device requires a cleaner, pure energy to be fed to it

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