ProvenDB Goes All-In On Hedera and AlwaysNFT Helps Cover Your Assets

November 2, 2022

As it becomes more popular, blockchain is becoming known for one permanent feature: trust. Big tech corporations across the world, like IBM, are starting to use and build blockchains, not only for themselves but for their consumers. On the downside, popular blockchains like Ethereum can not only be expensive, but extremely variable, making it difficult for businesses to have fixed and reliable resources. As such, finding a proven and reliable blockchain to integrate with was ProvenDB’s mission. But what did they look for, how did it change the company, and how does user protection come into play?

On this episode of Gossip About Gossip, Zenobia Godschalk hosts a conversation with Guy Harrison, CTO with ProvenDB, to talk about ProvenDB’s use of Hedera and AlwaysNFT’s unique storage of NFT’s. Godschalk and Harrison discuss…

  • How databases can improve by using a reliable blockchain
  • Why transferring to Hedera from other platforms improved ProvenDB’s metrics
  • How NFT storage needs to improve and what AlwaysNFT is doing to make those improvements

“But we hope…over the long-term that we’ll form partnerships with marketplaces and so forth that can see the need to…protect their users…” noted Harrison.

Harrison has spent over twenty years in the software and technology world. He is the CTO of ProvenDB and the CEO of AlwaysNFT. Prior to this, he was a Consultant with Mark Guerry and Associates and the Vice President of Software Engineering at Quest Software. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Melbourne.

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