In the world of electronics, no show anywhere garners more attention, or attendance, than the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the largest gathering of next generation innovations and break-through technologies on the planet. For Segway, CES 2019 was the ideal venue to unveil their much-anticipated new line of “last mile” transportation devices.

Two products Segway launched at CES were the Model Max Scooter and the Loomo Delivery Robot. The Model Max is a highly customizable, more comfortable scooter, purposefully engineered for the scooter sharing market to be longer-lasting than previous models. The Loomo Delivery Robot is an autonomous vehicle designed specifically for last-mile deliveries of food, packages and other items. Tony Ho, VP of Global Business Development, delivered an in-depth speech each day throughout the course of the show, providing spectators with a closer look at each new product in Segway’s lineup. The company also led audiences on a journey through Segway’s past, spanning the years and innovations that brought them to their present accomplishments, then detailed the company’s focused trajectory for the future of mobility.

CES, as usual, was a great success, and participation at the Segway booth was phenomenal!