Stop Wasting Time Counting Cash

Although debit and credit cards seem to be the prevalent form of currency these days, as long as customers use cash, businesses will need cash drawers. As a result, employees must count out money in order to balance tills. While it’s imperative that stakeholders know how much money has been made at the end of each business day, manually tallying cash takes time and is a task that leaves much room for error, requiring complete accuracy and efficiency. There are certainly more important tasks employees could be handling rather than counting out cash. Yet, as people continue to use paper currency, there will be always be a need to count it.

Automated Cash Systems Are the Answer

Thanks to modern technology, cash-based businesses today can run more effectively. By keeping track of deposits, making change, and quickly and accurately balancing all tills, automated cash systems reduce both the possibility of errors and the time employees spend maintaining money throughout the day. Simply put, the ideal automated cash system will increase productivity while improving the overall customer experience.

Automated cash systems are also safer systems. Because deposits are made throughout the day, you can have less money in the till. This keeps your cash more secure. This is no doubt one of the reasons why Target will be installing these systems in 500 initial stores, with the intention of putting them in all of their stores. Target will be following Wal-Mart’s lead in using these kinds of systems.

The Superlative Solution

The TDS CRR-500Retail Cash Recycler is the superlative automated cash room solution. Each day, users log in and are dispensed a pre-programmed till amount. Then, the Currency Recycling Unit receives, dispenses, and authenticates all currency while the coin recycling cabinet collects and dispenses coins as needed. Finally, when it’s time to reconcile, the system quickly and accurately balances all tills while allowing users to create bank deposits with a few quick taps on the monitor.

The Solution of Choice

When compared to traditional cash handling methods, the TDS CCR-500 eliminates human error, maintains employee accountability, improves cash flow, and lessens the man hours typically necessary for manual cash reconciliation. Further, the TDS CCR-500 is easy to train on and contributes to a business’s operations by reducing the complexities of cash-based processes.  It’s the automated cash solution of choice for business owners who want to improve their cash-handling system.


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