Stranded Power and SMRs are Dual Solutions to AI Power Demands

May 20, 2024


As the AI computing industry evolves, addressing the massive power demands required for advanced applications becomes increasingly critical. The rapid growth of AI technologies, particularly those requiring extensive computational resources like training and inference, has led to unprecedented power consumption levels. This surge in demand poses significant challenges, especially in regions where power supply is already stretched thin. As industries and cloud services compete for the limited available power, finding efficient and sustainable solutions becomes a top priority. Emerging technologies and innovative approaches are essential to bridge the gap between current capabilities and future requirements.

Wes Cummins, the CEO at Applied Digital in a discussion with David Liggitt, Founder of datacenterHawk, delves into the strategies to meet power demands for AI applications, focusing on both near and long-term solutions. Near-term solutions include utilizing stranded or available power sources for high-latency applications like training and batch inference. However, cloud regions with limited power availability, such as Virginia and Santa Clara, present significant challenges. Long-term solutions emphasize the need for new power generation methods, with particular interest in innovative options like small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs). This comprehensive discussion highlights the urgent need for sustainable power solutions to support the growing AI computing industry.

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