The 7 Cyber Security Essentials

June 1, 2023
irfan ullah

This podcast focuses on the 7 essentials to keep your business cybersafe, featuring Eddie Steiger, Chief Information Security Officer at ION247, A Pavion Company.

This podcast focuses on the 7 essentials to keep your business cybersafe, featuring Eddie Steiger, Chief Information Security Officer at ION247, A Pavion Company. Eddie highlights important practices that serve as a baseline for cybersecurity framework.

1. It is crucial to have written cyber security policies including disaster recovery instant response policies. It’s tough to react if an incident happens and there’s nothing written down. Having something in writing that’s easily accessible is point one.

2. Make sure your PCs are patched, and critical security updates are installed within 30 days of release. Third party applications like Zoom, Adobe, and Java are patched. “The reality is software has vulnerabilities, and if you don’t address those vulnerabilities, you leave yourself open to attack,” said Eddie.

3. Back up your data, whether it’s on the server or on your laptop. It’s crucial to make sure you have backups that cannot be altered and move them off the physical infrastructure.

4. A strong password policy is basic, but a lot of companies miss how important it is. Complex passwords with 7-8 characters and multi-factor authentication are critical.

5. Employee training is important due to employee vulnerability. It’s extremely helpful to provide the tools to identify threats, empower them to make good decisions and stop the threat of malicious content. Security awareness training is beneficial to keeping your business safe.

6. Email security will block the majority of attacks, since that’s where they come through most. Stop malicious content before it gets to your inboxes!

7. Next gen anti-virus applications can look at behaviors on the PC and the network to determine if something is malicious in nature. Traditional applications utilize signatures once downloaded, the problem with those is if it’s a zero data attack, the signature-based product probably won’t catch it.

Cybersecurity is a complex topic. ION247, a Pavion Company, has had a lot of success with keeping people safe. Factoring in compliance and regulatory requirements, there’s a lot of information. Cybersecurity is constantly evolving. “Cybersecurity isn’t a destination, it isn’t a few check boxes on a form, you don’t install a tool and write a couple of policies and call it a day,” said Eddie.

ION247, A Pavion Company, can help an organization adapt to changing threats or new business requirements. We can help you secure your environment and business, taking what you have, and making it stronger. Our services can help you stay current with the constantly shifting threat landscape.

Final thoughts from Eddie were, “cybersecurity is difficult, its necessary, the threat is there regardless of your size, so I would say take it seriously.”

To find out more information, on how ION247, A Pavion Company, can help deter cyberthreats from disrupting your business visit

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