The Benefits of Working with an OEM

August 9, 2022

With over 45 years of experience, Red Lion Product Manager Jeff Thornton has extensive knowledge about the company and its products. Thornton sits down with host Tyler Kern to discuss the benefits of working with an OEM and Red Lion’s new product, the PM50.

While traditional OEM’s come in many shapes and sizes, there’s always a lot of communication involved.

“We’re looking right underneath that…machines that have used a simple panel meter or have no communication at all, that is kind of the layer we’re looking for,” Thornton said, addressing that this market is perfect for Red Lion’s new PM50 offering.

The PM50 provides high tech benefits but does not require a high tech expert, “We’re looking at a tech level, something that you and I could program and put it on the machine without going through those big expenses,” highlighted Thornton.

Additionally, the PM50 comes with a mobile app. Workers can also change the PM50 via a web browser or the screen itself. But what’s most exciting is the display, “Simple panel meters today typically provide just a number, especially for the OEM focus, we have introduced a new graphic display,” said Thornton.

For the OEM customer, this means, “They’re going to get a much better appearance on their machine,” continued Thornton. The OEM name logo can also be added to the machine with customized widgets or specialized orders in addition to providing a zero-wires, zero labor, and easy connection for customers.

“With the PM50, we actually give you the ability to use Wi-Fi communication to collect your data…you can use the SD card, which would copy the program and simply install the SD program into the new machine,” said Thornton.

The “PM50 is driven to help collect data” and offers the benefits of improved machine appearance, saved programming time, OEM market support, smart device connectivity, and reduced downtime.

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