Earthlings: The Play-and-Earn Gaming Metaverse on Hedera

March 22, 2023

Gaming and NFTs are a combination that has seen an incredible increase within the last several years. It’s been noted, however, that often times within Metaverse gaming, the product is viewed as empty or not delivering on entertainment promises made in earlier trailers. Not taking the proper time for design and concept and a lack of follow-through lead to lackluster results.

How can gaming, NFTS, and Metaverse be connected in a way that focuses both on valid entertainment and financial gain?

On today’s episode of Gossip About Gossip, host Zenobia Godschalk talks with Patrick de Grijs, head of concept and the marketing community, and Milan Wiercx van Rhijn, partnership and team advisor, both from Earthlings, about Earthlings, a play-and-earn gaming Metaverse project created by Hedera.

The three discuss…

  1. How Earthlings is not only fun, entertaining, and profitable, but is also designed to bring gaming to web3
  2. The benefits that coincide with DLT and NFTs: anti-cheating, ownership of assets, and financial incentive
  3. The devoted community that resulted in lower fees, faster than average confirmation times, and inspiration for the network

“What is a metaverse?” It’s a digital place where you dive into a world where you connect and meet other people,” de Grijs said. “That’s actually what gamers are already doing. And then, if you take into account that half of the population is gaming, then why not combine the two and make a great product?”

Patrick de Grijs is the head of Concept and the Marketing Community for Earthlings. He is the co-founder of

Milan Wiercx van Rhijn is the Partnership and Team Advisor for Earthlings. In addition to his technological achievements, he is also a beekeeper.

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