Tips for Maintaining Team Culture During Remote Work

While remote work has been steadily increasing over time, the pandemic has accelerated the shift, with entire workforces going remote overnight.

Staying connected and inspired in a contactless world can be challenging. Not only are employees missing the motivational drive brought on by on-site leadership and the social camaraderie shared with co-workers while in the office, but the teambuilding that comes from lunches and after-hours events spent together is also largely absent.

However, as we move into the ‘”new normal,” remote connectivity is expected to trend forward, with more businesses likely to take advantage of the investment already made in both remote tech and established workflows while ensuring the ongoing safety and health of their employees.

During these uncertain times and as we move forward, it’s important that companies create an environment where both leadership and employees can stay connected while working from home.

Here are some tips to help remote employees maintain team culture relationships while ensuring business as usual:

  1. Use the Right Videoconferencing Platform:

Google’s enterprise videoconferencing tool, Google Meet, which was previously called Google Hangouts, empowers organizations and individuals to create and host meetings of up to 100 people and access in-meeting features such as screen sharing, real-time captions and expanded tiled layout. Bundling the ASUS Chromebox, the Hangouts Meet Speakermic, a Mimo Monitors 10.1” Touchscreen Display and either the Huddly Go Camera or Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera in one convenient package, the Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit makes it easy for even the tech-challenged to unpack, set up and start videoconferencing in minutes.

  1. Leverage Multiple Displays:

Reducing on-screen clutter, increasing multitasking abilities, simplifying information and file sharing and more, multiple monitors empower more screen real estate for employees, elevating remote workflows and efficiency.

  1. Attend Virtual/Digital Trade Shows and Events:

Typically spanning several days, trade shows and other events serve to bring industry communities together in one venue, promoting product launches, technology revolutions, relationship-building, learning opportunities, important communication exchanges between professionals and more. With the majority of shows scheduled for 2020 canceled due to the pandemic, virtual trade shows are taking their place, providing a viable option to generate added exposure and gain access to attendees. For example, originally slated for June 16-18 in Las Vegas, InfoComm—the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America—has been canceled. However, relabeling itself as InfoComm 2020 Connected and still scheduled during the same week, this trade show, which saw upward of 44,000 in attendance in 2019, has been transformed into a virtual conference for 2020 while boasting the same access to the latest products, education and networking.

  1. Utilize Group Messaging Applications to Stay in Touch:

There is a plethora of group messaging applications that can close the virtual distance between colleagues, making collaboration more effective. Slack, Hangout Meet, and more can allow for the kinds of camaraderie typically built in office settings. LinkedIn also offers another option in the form of LinkedIn Teammates, which ensures that you never miss an update from your team. Presently, users can add one manager, 19 teammates who report to that manager, 20 direct reports, and 10 other teammates, offering a creative and informative method of networking with current colleagues and leadership.

While the global coronavirus pandemic has put up walls between you and your employees, leveraging the right technology, platforms and strategies can ensure a breakdown in communication and teambuilding doesn’t occur.

As always, Mimo Monitors is ready to support your team. Our monitors and displays are flexible, simple and creatively customizable, enabling that human touch while respecting social distancing measures and more.

To learn more, contact Mimo Monitors today.

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