TMGcore and Riot Join Forces for a More Sustainable High-Performance Computing Future

March 1, 2023

TMGcore, a technology development company known for its trailblazing data center solutions, has announced an exhilarating partnership with Riot, setting the stage for a promising 2023. The collaboration marks a significant step towards a more sustainable high-performance computing future, one that could redefine the next decade of the computing industry.

The initial deliverable of the partnership is a state-of-the-art, 30-kilowatt, high-performance compute two-phase immersion mobile data set. This innovative product showcases the cutting-edge technology that TMGcore and Riot bring to the table. However, it does more than just broaden the capabilities of both companies in the market – it propels them to the forefront of sustainable high-performance computing.

As the computing world increasingly prioritizes sustainability, TMGcore and Riot’s partnership signifies an essential shift towards greener solutions. With the current reliance on energy-intensive air cooling for data centers reaching its limit, TMGcore’s unique two-phase liquid immersion cooling technology presents a viable, more energy-efficient alternative.

This partnership represents an exciting milestone not only for TMGcore and Riot but also for the broader computing industry. With TMGcore’s industry-leading cooling technology and Riot’s expertise, the future of high-performance computing seems set to embrace a more sustainable, efficient, and high-performing path. As we look ahead to 2023 and beyond, this partnership could very well set a new standard for the computing world, proving that high performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but can, indeed, go hand in hand.

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