TMGcore Leads the Charge in High-Performance Computing with Innovative Immersion Cooling Technology

June 1, 2023

TMGcore, well known for its CryptoCore mining single-phase system, has made strides to extend its technological prowess beyond just crypto mining. At the heart of TMGcore’s operation lies the commitment to create top-notch immersion cooling technology. The company takes pride in creating what is considered to be the most advanced immersion cooling system in the world.

While the CryptoCore system has been getting substantial press attention lately, TMGcore CEO wants to emphasize that their capabilities are not confined to this single success. In fact, the CryptoCore mining single-phase system is just a small part of their expansive portfolio. TMGcore positions itself as a leader in the realm of both single-phase and two-phase immersion technology, housing a variety of high-performance computing solutions.

One of the company’s revolutionary creations is the Auto unit, a self-healing robotic data center that packs a whopping 240 kilowatts in a compact form. This all-in-one supercomputer leverages two-phase immersion cooling, resulting in highly efficient, high-density computing. Combined with sophisticated Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and software applications developed by TMGcore, the Auto unit can perform a range of operations, including automated server replacements.

Security is a high priority at TMGcore. Their Complete Auto Remote Experience (CORE) incorporates safety checks into every process, ensuring the robustness of their systems. The engineering, design work, and software behind these intricate processes all originate from TMGcore’s in-house team of mechanical and electrical engineers and software developers.

Apart from their software and systems, TMGcore is also focusing on developing hardware like the 1U blade server, the most powerful of its kind in the world. This server, which is immersion-ready and boasts a power capacity of 7200 watts, showcases TMGcore’s commitment to solid-state technology. The server incorporates backplane networking and power, eliminating the need for plugs and marking the next generation of high-performance computing hardware.

The company is working with leading technology companies like Nvidia, Intel, and Dell to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of high-performance computing.

In addition to their innovative hardware and software, TMGcore also boasts state-of-the-art control systems and manufacturing capabilities. Their Network Operations Center (NOC) manages all their control systems, ensuring the smooth operation of their cutting-edge technology.

TMGcore is setting the stage for the next generation of edge-based applications and high-performance computing with its immersion technology. The company extends an open invitation for anyone interested to come and see their American Technology in action in Plano, Texas. With their current advancements and continuous dedication to innovation, TMGcore stands poised to revolutionize the high-performance computing industry.

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