Using HIP to Improve Hedera Hashgraph

November 18, 2022

The Hedera Improvement Proposal (HIP) is a process established to help developers formulate new ideas and improvements within Hedera Hashgraph. According to InfoQ, workplace feedback helps boost efficiency. The method allows the development team’s members to submit their suggestions and receive constructive criticism and opinions from fellow developers.

HIP allows Hedera to have an orderly procedure when it comes to implementing new changes and developments. With the HIP process, the all-hands-on-deck approach ensures quality assessment from a team of crew members.

So, how exactly does HIP function in the Hedera Hashgraph workplace?

In the latest showing of “Gossip about Gossip,” host Zenobia Godschalk and Michael Garber, developer advocate at Swirlds Labs, discussed the concept of HIPs and how it functions at the company.

Godschalk and Garber further discussed:

  1. How HIPs are created and approved
  2. The internal discussions that occur prior to and after HIPs
  3. Tips that developers should utilize to guarantee HIP approval

“In order to ensure the success of a HIP you want to keep the idea as small and granular as possible,” said Garber. “So, if you have something that’s like complicated and fairly involved, you might want to break that down in several more granular, smaller HIPs and that will make it more technically concise and more easily understood by the community.”

Garber is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and has five years of developer experience.

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